Serviced Apartment vs Hotel Room

Accommodation can often be one of the most expensive parts of any City Break.  With the growing trend of budget airlines and cheap flight tickets, we can now get our hands on great value air fares however, we end up having to pay over the odds for accommodation.  This results in a short City Break costing almost as much as week-long Beach Holiday!  Choosing a Serviced Apartment as opposed to a Hotel room will ensure that you receive a more economical and comfortable ‘home away from home’ experience.  Although Hotel rooms are great for short visits, where cooking your own meals is not relevant, Serviced Apartments can offer the opportunity to fully settle in to your accommodation for the full length of your stay and moreover, feel totally at home in your surroundings.

Holiday Maker

If you want to make your City Break more affordable, choosing a Serviced Apartment may be the way to go.  With your own individual apartment, you have the freedom to use the kitchen facilities to keep eating-out costs to a minimum.  Most Serviced Apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can make your meals in house.  Furthermore, most Serviced Apartments include laundry facilities within the accommodation.  Again, this saves time and money with regards to laundry fees which are often attached as extras in traditional Hotels.

Family Travel

If you are travelling with children, you will understand the difficulties that this may present.  Bedtime can be particularly taxing in a hotel room when everyone is sleeping in the same room.  With a Serviced Apartment however, the children have their own separate bedroom and you can relax without worry of waking them up.  Furthermore, Serviced accommodation offers more space for your family to really enjoy the time away from home.  With an abundance of closet and living space, the whole family can feel comfortable in their holiday apartment.

Corporate Travelers

Large businesses are more often finding that employees are more productive when staying in Serviced Accommodation as opposed to a Hotel room.  Serviced accommodation not only offers more space and comfort than a hotel room, but it also provides employees with a ‘home away from home’.  Instead of having to eat, sleep and work in the one small space, a Serviced Apartment offers the business traveller an entire apartment for their short (or long) stay in the City.  A perfect way to ensure employees are happy and productive on their business trip!

Cost Conscious

It is often less expensive to stay for a week in Serviced accommodation than it is to stay in a Hotel.  This is particularly the case with bigger families where Hotels traditionally charge a ‘per person rate’.  The reason why Serviced Apartments can keep their costs lower is down to factors such as no bar/restaurant/room service costs.  This means that the cost of Serviced accommodation is reduced significantly compared to Hotel stays.   The cost of eating out whilst visiting a City is reduced in a Serviced Apartment by having access to a fully equipped kitchen to make your own meals.  Having the flexibility to use the apartment’s laundry facilities reduces the cost of laundry fees which are also found within standard Hotel charges.

Location Location Location

It’s not just Hotels that have the prime location spots within each major City.  Serviced Apartments also adopt a premier standpoint within the City’s epicentre.  Location is often one of the deciding factors when booking accommodation so proximity to the City Centre is key.  With a Serviced Apartment, you won’t be far away to come home and relax after a day of exploring the new City.

In summary, Serviced Apartments have much more to offer than your standard Hotel Room:

  • Space (a full apartment as opposed to a single room)
  • Privacy (you can lock your front door and have the whole apartment to yourself)
  • Flexibility to make the stay more personal to you and your requirements.
  • Cost efficiency (particularly when booking for an extended period)

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