Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail

Spearheaded by the City Centre Regeneration team, Glasgow has embraced the concept of street art to promote the City Centre, reduce the negative visual impact of unit vacancies and provide features that will attract more visitors.  The first piece of art work was completed in 2008 and the portfolio of works has continuously expanded since.  The last few years have seen this city blossom into colour, with breath-taking murals hiding around corners on the gable ends of abandoned buildings.  The City Centre Street Murals are helping to revitalise buildings around the City and moreover, are providing a splash of colour to brighten up lanes and streets.  The street murals are unique pieces of art which Glaswegians, visitors and local businesses say are helping to enrich the City Centre.

The Locations

The City Centre Mural Trail features a diverse range of arts set within one easy walking area.  The huge range of artwork on display has something to suit all tastes – conservative to radical, quirky to bizarre.  The murals have been produced on buildings, vacant shop units, and on hoardings around vacant land.  This helps make the areas more inviting for tourists and locals alike to visit and support local businesses.  Some of the artworks are temporary and are installed to alleviate against the economic downturn and environmental degradation.  Glasgow is proud of its local artists and their inspirational, colourful, installations and individual artists are encouraged to get involved in this Glasgow City Council initiative through application to the City Centre Mural Fund.

The Artworks

The artworks have more recently become unique pieces of art in their own right and have generated positive public and business feedback while creating a striking area feature that enhances the City Centre environment.  You can explore all four corners of Glasgow by following this spectacular Art Mural Trail.  Keep your eyes peeled for the flying taxi, the three-storey panda and the city’s real patron saint, Sir William (Billy) Connolly.  

Sir William (Billy) Connolly

Sir William (Billy) Connolly was presented with three 50ft murals in Glasgow to honour the comedian’s 75th birthday in 2017 and was said to be ‘flabbergasted’.  The tribute murals were presented to Billy Connolly were created by BBC Scotland together with Glasgow City Council.  They are based on original portaits of Billy from top Scottish Artists such as John Byrne, Jack Vettriano and Rachel Maclean.  The Scottish comedian said that the effects the portraits had on him were ‘profound’ and that they had ‘taken his breath away’ when he first saw them.

The City Centre Mural Trail

In 2014, the City Centre Mural Trail was officially launched to promote the growing portfolio of works adorning buildings within Glasgow City Centre.  Combined with the brand new App that has been released to support the Trail, this is a hugely exciting interactive Trail that can be completed easily in one day when visiting the City.  Whether you are here for one day or one week, the Mural Trail is a must-see.  Have a look at the map below for the locations of the Murals around the City.

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